45RPM is an underground group which debuted in 1999 under YG. They left around 2008 due to the rising focus of YG Entertainment to the idol industry.

Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Chul) was an in house YG producer and composer  starting from 2004. In 2008, he decided to leave YG to start his own company, Brave Entertainment.

*Big Mama debuted in 2003, they left YG in 2007 and signed to Malwondang. In 2011, the group decided to disband to focus on their individual careers.

Huh E Jae is an actress formerly signed in YG. She was dubbed as the “Little Kim Tae Hee” due to her similar resemblance to the popular actress. In January of 2011 she married Lee Seung Woo, who is 7 years her senior and is the son of one of the leading businesses in South Korea. That same month she announced she will be leaving YG and is taking a hiatus in acting to focus on her newly formed marriage.

Jung Sung IL is a musical & stage actor. In January 2011, he decided not to renew his contract under YG.

Keep Six was a 3 membered hiphop group, and also the very first group to debut off YG Entertainment. They disbanded after releasing only 1 album.

JC Kim Ji Eun debuted in 2007 as a solo artist under YG, and worked as a vocal trainer for 2NE1. In 2008 she left YG to be a part of a girl group, Lady Collection.

Lexy was dubbed as “YG’s First Lady” for being the very first female solo artist to debut in YG.  In 2007, she left YG. She released her 4th Album under SONY, then migrated to the US. In 2008,  She came back to Korea to prepare for her comeback. She is currently signed under Red Line Entertainment.

Park Han Byul is an actress,model,designer & Se7en’s Girlfriend. Se7en & Han Byul have known each other since high school, it has been 10 years since they started going out. Han Byul is also a former YG Actress and Trainee.

*Soul Star debuted in 2005 was dubbed and as Korea’s “Boys II Men”, In 2007, YG has decided to transfer them to SidusHQ.

Stony Skunk consisting of Kush (Kim Byung Hoon) & Skull (Jo Sung Jin) is a hip hop-reggae Duo,dubbed as the “Definition of Korea’s Reggae” the duo debuted in 2003. In October 2007 , Skull had to enlists into the army, from then on Stony Skunk went on hiatus. In 2010, It was announced that Stony Skunk will be parting ways. Skull formed his own company called ‘Lion’ and changed his name to “Skul1” but shortly after joined ‘Brand New Music’. “E.Knock” formerly knowed as Kush however, stayed in YG until 2012 when he entered the military. E.knock is currently in the army and is working independently.

SWI.T is YG’s first ever Idol Girl Group debuting in 2003. In the middle of preparations for the 2nd Album, it was announced that members: Ahn Nai Young moved to the US & Sung Mi Hyun was having family problems resulting to the disbandment of the group. Left alone, Lee Eun Joo re-debuted under the project group MooGaDang. In August 2010, Lee Eun Joo got married to YG CEO—Yang Hyun Suk.

*Wheesung debuted in 2003, releasing 4 albums under YG. In 2006, he left due to musical differences between YG and himself. He signed into Orange Shock shortly after. Wheesung & Gummy were dating before both of them debuted. They call each other ‘Soulmates’.

YMGA [Young Men Gangsta’s Association] is a project- hip hop duo consisting of DM (DIGITAL MASTA’) & Masta Wu (Wu Jin Won). In 2011, DM & Masta Wu’s contracts ended. DM decided to create his own company, ‘D-BUSINESS’.  Masta Wu, on the other hand stayed in YG.

*WANTED debuted in 2004 as a 4 member-ed R&B group . One of its members, Seo Jae Ho died in a car accident 2 months after their 1st album release. Devastated by a lost of a member, the group went on hiatus and were transferred to WS Entertainment. In 2007, they came back with their 2nd album with the help of solo singer, Lee Jung.


*Artists were under a double contract between M-BOAT & YG.